Developers Should Meditate

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Last Sunday, I returned from a 10-day Vipassana meditation retreat. Now that I’ve had some time to reflect on my experience, I want to share why I think meditation will make you a better developer.

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6 Tips for New Engineering Managers

You made it?!

Hello, new engineering manager! Have you recently stepped into the role from a developer position? Here are 6 tips that helped me in my first 2 years as a manager.

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Energize Your Team with a Bug Squash

Airing the code

Last year, the HelloSign engineering team started holding a quarterly bug squash. It’s had a positive effect on team morale and satisfaction, has resulted in improved product quality, and provided useful improvements to the team and our users.

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MySQL Commands in Bash Scripts

My journey with trying to automate some routine MySQL setup.

tl;dr: Escape your backticks when running MySQL commands in a bash script.

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Alfraca: Alfresco Meets Alpaca.js

Alpaca.js is a client-side forms and templating engine that will build some pretty sweet looking forms using nothing but a bit of JSON and JavaScript, complete with data validation and layout control. I extended Alfresco using this library to enable users to create and edit structured content stored in the repository, such as XML and JSON.

And thus, alfraca was born!

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Counters in Alfresco

I recently built a simple sequence generator in Alfresco as part of a project for a client who needed a way to configure and retrieve a unique integer value to be used both in Alfresco and outside of the system.

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